The Quest for God ...

"I remember one day in early spring, I was alone in the forest, lending my ear to its mysterious noises. I listened, and my thought went back to what for these three years it always was busy with--the quest for God" Leo Tolstoy

The "witchery of the soft blue sky" (Wordsworth)
"Sky dust"--a witness for the Creator.
At 17 miles up the sky is always black, with only a luminous
glow from below. To the presence of dust in the atmosphere
we owe our sunrise splendors, gorgeous sunsets and radiant afterglow.

What--Who is God? What is the essential nature of the Sacred?

Over the millennia, much of a questionable nature has been said and done in the "name" of God--is it any wonder there continues to remain honest classes of atheists and agnostics? But is God really as abusive as so often portrayed in word and deed?

Such is the vast mystery of God, God is the Tao that cannot be named. Both immanent and transcendent, God cannot be contained within any single belief system. Though all world religions hold doctrinal slanders against the essential nature of God, they also have their sacred gifts and their part to play in the noble pursuit of the recovery of God. And though there remains much mystery about "God", the marvel of the physical creation itself suggests a deity that desires to know us and to be known...

Contributors to this web site are from most every spiritual tradition, though leaning somewhat in the Christian direction. This is unfortunately a cultural thing and is not to suggest that Christianity is superior or exclusive. The writers have lived within a dominant Christian culture, and its influence is unavoidable. As a result it’s natural to present contributions written a bit more from the Christian perspective. This in no way is meant to discount the wealth of truth found in other major religious traditions, some of which is found here. As the site expands, effort will be made to embrace and add more and more truth that lies within other major religious faiths as well.

Members of various religious traditions are invited to e-mail comments, essays, poetry and quotes from other religious material that exalts the good character and name of the Creator. The goal is to present the best of “God” as expressed in every spiritual tradition…from Alcoholics Anonymous to Zen Buddhism…

The Church of All Churches

"Oh, mighty, true church of all under starry where not a mark is to be seen of human hand! This was the church of God's building, the only fitting type of a yet greater, a yet holier church, whose stars are the burning eyes of self-forgetting love, whose worship is a ceaseless ministration of self-forgetting deeds--the one real ideal church, the body of the living God, built of the hearts and souls of men and women out of every nation and every creed, through all time and over all the world, redeemed alike from Judaism, paganism, and all the false Christianities that darken and dishonor the true..."

Selection from The Laird's Inheritance
George MacDonald

"Waiting for the Believers"