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New Essays!

The Return of the Christ
Does Jesus come again in wrath to separate the Sheep from the Goats--to cause an eternal separation from the righteous and the unrighteous?

A Grand Experiment
There are two "voices" for "The Lord" in the Hebrew Bible. Can you tell which is the voice of the true God?

How Then Shall We Live?
It is only when we know of God's true nature that we may know how to really live!

On Universalism
By William Barclay
Many Christians are discouraged by the popular church doctrines of "Hell" and eternal loss. However, the early Church believed that every soul will be saved and redeemed by God--expressed in the ancient church doctrine of Universalism--and which was believed in the first 500 years of the Church...a more hopeful "gospel" indeed, over that which is preached today...

New Book!
If Grace Is True--Why God Will Save Every Person
Two Quaker Pastors Share Their Hope. Excerpt From Chapter Three

Paul Tournier on Universalism
The Author's Master's Thesis

The Unselfishness of God
Hannah Whitall Smith, author of the best-seller, The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life", shares her hope of universal salvation...

Problems with the Doctrine of Redemption
A retired Episcopalian priest addresses what he claims are the logical and scientific problems with the Christian doctrine of Redemption

Why We Hardly Love God
Do you have a high "threat level" regarding God? There are valid reasons why this may be so...

The Passion of the Christ
Did Jesus die to launch a cosmic guilt trip on humanity? Cannot God forgive
sin apart from a blood sacrifice? Some alternative views of the "cross" from writers George MacDonald, Thomas Cahill and Jack Miles

The Voice of the Good Shepherd
There are two "voices" for God heard throughout the Bible.
Can you discern the difference?

Does God Kill People?
Judy Allen relates her thoughts on the divine purpose of "death" and "evil"

God's Grace: The Radical Option
"Falling from grace" is not possible. Dr. J. Harold Ellens tells why...

God Judgment
"Judgment" is not a verdict or's a process!

A Time to Die
Animals seem to understand intuitively when it is their time to die. A simple story about about a dog who paid his final "goodbyes"...

Illegitimate Hierarchy
C. S. Lewis observed, "The opposite of love is not hate, it is power"...

On Forgiving God
Are humans fully responsible for wrong choices? Or could God be culpable too?

The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment
Written in 1855 by Thomas Thayer

Is Hell Eternal?
A Presbyterian minister looks at "Hell" in the light of God's character

Universalism--The Prevailing Doctrine
of the Church in its First 500 Years
Before Augustine started talking about unbaptized babies burning forever in
"hell"...a greater hope was held by other parts of the church
J.W. Hanson, 1899

The Corner Stone
The story of John Murray is a journey through the severest Calvinism and on to a more hopeful gospelů.

Free To Marry
Does "power" ever win the heart of anybody?

The Lord's Prayer
How spiritual people of all religious traditions may pray this famous prayer.

On Being Present
How "engaged" are you?

The Gospel According to St Paul
An early Christian Universalist, St. Paul wrote much of his hopeful vision of how God will make everything beautiful in its time...

A New Pair of Glasses
How is it that a single text can produce widely divergent interpretations?

A Letter to Ropar
Does the true "Kingdom of God" come from outside intervention? Or is it a "Reign of the Heart"?

Must we submit to "power"? Or could there be something else worthy of our "submission"?

September 11
Two neighbors, a white American and a Saudi American come together during the Twin Towers tragedy...

The Nature of God
Litmus Test For All Religious Doctrine

We get sick in isolation and we get well in community...

The Organist
All religious traditions enjoy a healthy tension between its clergy and its musicians... The spurious Acts 29 is one such account...

Alcoholics Anonymous
cious Model For Ideal Community

Are you in a cult? What are the signs of a cult? Read the Twelve Steps for recovering fundamentalists, with helpful links