Universalist Sites

The sites below represent some of the groups who have recovered the ancient doctrine of Universal Restoration, the belief that all in the end will be rescued and saved by God. Originally a tenet of the "gospel" or "good news", the doctrine was held by the early church for over five hundred years until condemned by the "official" church. "Universalism, in its Origenist form was condemned at the Council of Constantinople in 543, and later at the Fifth General Council" (Catholic Encyclopedia).

Paul Tournier on Universalism
A Masters Thesis

Tom Talbott's Page
Professor, Department of Philosophy at Willamette University, Tom Talbott's web page offers a wealth of information supporting the argument for UR.

"Surviving modern Christianity - and its opponents"

Free Christians
A spiritually inclusive site...a wealth of information on the true gospel of the salvation of all peoples

Concordant Publishing Concern
A Christian Universalist Site with a "Dispensationalist" Flavor

Universalism and the Bible
Keith DeRose, Yale University Associate Prof. of Philosophy, provides arguments for the doctrine of Universalism

Christian Universalism Articles
Ken Allen and his True Grace Ministries offer many interesting articles regarding the doctrine of Universalism

Believers and Supporters of Christian Universalism
Tentmaker Ministries provides a list of famous people who held the doctrine of Universalism

Universalist Christians
A site of many and varied Christians organizations
which subscribe to the Universalist belief

Light of the World Ministries
Offering the greater hope of full restitution!
A Conservative Christian Universalist Site

George MacDonald Sites

A prolific writer, theologian and poet, George MacDonald was a major proponent of the doctrine of Universalism. Mentor of C.S. Lewis, MacDonald, now dead nearly 100 years, still speaks powerfully of his hope in the good nature and character of God through his novels, sermons and poetry.

Celebrating the Works of George MacDonald
For many years, Barbara Amell has published the quarterly, Wingfold. Many fascinating heretofore unpublished MacDonald writings and obscure nineteenth century art are found in its pages...

George MacDonald Society
"The importance of his work is being rediscovered and the George MacDonald Society works to further this interest. Formed in 1981, it publishes an annual journal, North Wind which carries articles related to his life and work, reviews of new books, and other publications relevant to MacDonald Studies. A quarterly newsletter, Orts is also produced to provide news of events, meetings, lectures, or visits and any other information of interest to members." (from webpage)

George MacDonald - The Golden Key
George MacDonald (1824-1905) was a Scottish preacher and teacher as well as an author of 30 novels, children's fantasy, poetry, essays, and sermons. ... Description: Short article on the man's life and works, plus related links.

George MacDonald's Books
The novel's of George MacDonald are full of a theology of a "safe" and wonderful God.

Fun Religious Sites

Ship of
The Christian Church laughs at itself! (Many contributors are friends of C.S. Lewis)
Want to "seek the best and leave the rest"? A pluralistic website
" is a growing collection of over 41,000 adherent statistics and religious geography citations -- references to published membership/adherent statistics and congregation statistics for over 4,200 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, ultimate concerns..."(from webpage).
Interesting topics such as, "Religious Affiliation of History's 100 Most Influential People"

Cheef's Christian Naturalist/Nudist Page
"It was common practice in the early church for baptism to be received in the nude. This was not only true of river baptisms, but of later formalized rituals held in church buildings." (from webpage).
The web site received "The Green Weenie" award from the satirical Christian magazine "The Wittenburg Door"

The Wittenburg Door On Line

Take heart! God does have a sense of humor!
"We satirize something we love - the Church, and more generally people of faith - with the hope that our prodding might generate some course corrections while inducing a laugh or two... or three" (from webpage)
"No peace among the nations without peace among the religions.
No peace among religions without dialogue between the religions.
No dialogue between the religions without investigation of the foundation of the religions." Hans Küng

Mark Twain: Some Thoughts On The Science of Onanism (Masturabtion)
One evening in Paris in 1879, The Stomach Club, a society of American writers and artists, gathered to drink well, to eat a good dinner and hear an address by Mark Twain. He was among friends and, according to the custom of the club, he delivered a humorous talk on a subject hardly ever mentioned in public in that day and age. After the meeting, he preserved the manuscript among his papers. It was finally printed in a pamphlet limited to 50 copies 64 years later.